Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love Letters

"Love Letters" is an exhibition opening at Modified Arts in Phoenix, Arizona Friday January 16th. The show is curated by a dear friend of mine and consists of artworks inspired by the alphabet. The letter given to me to work with was "M". I wanted to do something a little bit whimsical and very valentiney. So this is my "Martha Stewart Love Cake Pillow." I love Martha. And I dedicate this Valentine to her! It's made with felt, beads, thread, fiber fill, yarn and paper. If you are in the area, please stop by Modified and check out the exhibition! It runs until Sunday, February 15th. The opening is this Third Friday and if you don't get a chance to get out then, be sure to stop by on First Friday, February 6th!


Lynette said...

wish you were going to be at the opening! I finally finished my piece today! Yay!

celeste said...

Hi Mindy!

I'm not sure if you ever saw the piece I wrote about you in Phoenix Magazine.

Here's a link!

I can mail you some too, if you'd like!

- Celeste

celeste said...

Also ... I ordered a sewing machine, which I'm getting tomorrow. You inspired me! :)