Saturday, January 23, 2010

I went to the Martha Stewart Show as an audience member and it was a good thing.

Martha's Kitchen. It is clean and it is perfect. I loved it.

A very happy Mindy Sue waiting for the Martha show to start!
The show was about exercise and we were asked to come in exercise gear.
I wore a flower in my hair... because that's what I wear when I exercise.

A very beautiful Martha Stewart answering an audience member's question.

No words could express my happiness... I got to be an audience member on the Martha Stewart show! Martha is one of my greatest inspirations. I admire her strive for perfectionism and I feel that she is a great role model for feminists today. I was seated really close to all the action and enjoyed being a part of the audience. Martha was so friendly and after the show was taped she took a couple of questions from the audience! I got to ask her a question! I asked Martha Stewart if she had any tricks for cleaning up glitter. She laughed and suggested to get a really strong vacuum. I got to talk to Martha and it made me so happy! Here are a couple of shots from the show (they let us take pictures when the camera wasn't rolling)!

Dear Martha, if you read this I really enjoy watching your show and using your products, especially the array of glitters you have come out with! I make artwork that I call Stitchalicious and it is reminiscent of cakes and candies and treats. I use your glues and pens and markers and glitter. You truly are one of my greatest inspirations. Love, Mindy Sue


Natalia Jaeger said...

This is wonderful Mindy!

Anonymous said...

they let you take a camera in there? all shows i've been to never let cameras inside...