Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Piece, Finished!

I am so happy to have finished this piece! I started it a while ago, as you can see in the older posts, and had only gotten the white beads around the sponge. Now I have finished beading the top of the sponge and also attached the bead covered pom poms. So I have met my goal in finishing two pieces over the winter break... and I still have a few weeks left, so more work is to be done! This little sponge cake is "Cake Antoinette" I titled it after Marie Antoinette, as she was my inspiration for this piece specifically. I like to think of adornment and extravagance when making my pieces. Marie Antoinette was quite extravagant and I think if this little cake was real, perhaps it would have graced one of her china cake plates in her parlor. Perhaps.

1 comment:

Ayala Levinger said...

wow! this is something else...
I love beading myself but never saw so many of them together! The effect is amazing! and the name suits it very well..