Monday, January 10, 2011

The Home Studio

For the last few years, outside of a couple months of residencies in which I was provided a studio, I have been working in my own home. I realize that this is common practice for a lot of artists, for those of us who cannot afford the time away from our families or the green paper money to pay for an outside of the home studio. I used to have a cute little set up in our small one bedroom's apartment little dining area. It worked out okay, besides leaving my husband and I to eat our meals at the couch every night, it was a nice little niche in our space. Since then we have a little four year old living with us and the use of the dining room table became a necessity. Now my one little desk sits behind a little green chair in our living room and my stuff is everywhere and I am going CRAZY!!! I am longing for my studio I had in graduate school... it smelled really bad sometimes because of some sewage problem with the sink but I would totally not even complain one little bit if I had that studio again... I had a beautiful wall of windows, and a large print table, and a nice desk and a pink Hello Kitty coffee pot and walls and walls I could just pin stuff up on. A large ceiling to hang all my doo dads... I miss you graduate school studio. Nonetheless, I have been able to create new things in my tiny space. I look forward to posting pictures of them all soon. As the New Year begins I am updating to some new technologies. A new computer in February, a new camera in March and a new attitude towards learning the ropes of Twitter. Happy New Year to you all! And if you are working from your home this winter, spreading your supplies across your living area and testing the waters of your spouse or roommate, know that you are not alone my friends!

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jenimok said...

Some day you're going to have a fabulous studio, Mind, and you'll look back on all of this and know that it was worth it!