Thursday, June 26, 2008

Small Town Charm

Sometimes a journey home is all one needs for a pick me up. I have had the luxury to spend two weeks in my tiny hometown, Iron Mountain, Michigan. It has not only been a great relief from the 112 degree Phoenix forecast, but a great source of inspiration to get the thesis work done. One of my favorite places to visit while I am home is Cuisine Art, a local shop that houses beautiful kitchen ware and kitchen supply services. The owner of this fabulous store, Debbie Gursky (pictured above), has a natural knack for knowing what your kitchen needs. Stacks of colorful bowls, rows of gorgeous bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and an array of amazing little gadgets await your purchase at this charming, friendly shop. If you are in Iron Mountain, I highly recommend a visit: 215 E. Hughitt Street, Iron Mountain, MI 49801.

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