Thursday, December 15, 2011

Whimsconsical the Tiny

Whimsconsical is an ongoing project that highlights my favorite objects and experiences through my imagination in the state of Wisconsin. I have lived in Wisconsin for most of my life, besides the few years I lived in Tempe, Arizona.  Moving away from Wisconsin and then back again has given me new perspectives on what I perceived to be everyday, mundane things in the mid-western state.  When I drive on Wisconsin roads the silo peppered landscape delights me and I imagine the silos to be polka dotted, hundreds of them bundled next to each other on the large open fields next to pink barns.  I see prancing bovine at neighboring farms and I get angry when California claims “happy cows.”   Wisconsin is “Dairy Land” and I take pride living in this Cheese-dom made up of farms, cows, and friendly folks.

Above is an installation in the Stitch Gallery at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.  The installation includes a Curd Cloud, Polka Dotted Silos, Glittered Bo(w)vine, and a MOOOOOO Can (tip it over and back again to hear the cows talk).

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