Monday, March 7, 2011

Coffee with Sally Series

I drink a lot of coffee. I drink a lot in the morning and I drink even more when I work in the studio. I love a fresh cup of steaming hot coffee warming me up while stitching in the studio. When I lived in Arizona and was going to graduate school, I took a lot of coffee breaks with my fellow classmate and friend Sally. Sometimes we would take two or three coffee breaks in a span of two hours. It was our time for fellowship, for critiquing each other, for chit chat and friendship. My friend Sally now lives on the opposite end of the map and I find myself really missing her input in the studio, her conversations and friendship. Sure, we talk on the phone. But it isn't the same.

So this is my "Coffee with Sally" series I started last month. I am embroidering little treats on used coffee filters, thinking of my friend Sally. I MISS YOU SALLY!