Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet me in Saint Louie, Louie!

I am all moved into my new studio for this summer! It is quite spacious and I am excited to get some work done and fill up the walls and room! If you want to stop by and visit me I am at The Craft Alliance in Grand Center right next to The Fox Theater. It is a beautiful arts district and I am really enjoying my time her so far. I have started a few projects and I will post images as they develop. I am glittering some toilet paper tubes for an installation I have in my head and I have begun making a few sweet "shrubs" for the future installation of Stitchalicious, which is heading in a new, sweeter direction.

I take the bus every day to my studio and I have a view of the Arch every morning and evening as I come and go. I feel really inspired and excited to make new work, so check back often for updated photos!

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