Monday, February 22, 2010

Cake Walk

During my exhibition at The Museum of Wisconsin Art the museum held a fundraiser, Wine and Roses, in which they do every year that coincides with Valentines Day. This year I participated with the fundraiser by donating 15 pieces of art in the form of a Cake Walk. This is how it worked: people were able to purchase raffle tickets to play the Cake Walk. Then fifteen tickets were drawn from a hat and those numbers called were the players. The Stitchalicious cakes were organized on some white pedestals and around the pedestals were large fabric dots numbered one through fifteen. Each player stood on a dot and when the music was played they walked around the dots, musical chairs style. When the music stopped the number they stopped on foretold which cake they won. I had little prizes like Stitchalicious cupcakes and lollipops, to tiny embellished sponge cakes, to big honkin' Stitchalicious cakes! It was so much fun!! I definitely want to try this again sometime! Here are some photos from the event:

The Cakes Ready For Walkin'

Some Stitchalicious treats just waiting to be won!

The people scoping out the goods.

Cake Walkin'

This cake was number 15, the last one called and the lady who won it was so happy!
It was the one she wanted!

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