Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A New Space Brings New Work

I just recently finished my studio residency at the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay. I had such a great time working in Studio 210 and meeting the staff of the museum! But all good things come to an end, or so I am told. The saddest part of moving out of a studio is finding a new one. Luckily my soon to be husband is very kind and supportive of what I do and doesn't mind me setting up shop in our little dining space in our little apartment! So here it is, my new studio... where the magic happens!

Along with a new studio space comes some new work. I am starting a new series called "Cakettes." They are made from floor scrubber sponges that one of the employees at the Neville gave me! He stocked me up before I had to move out, and for this I am grateful. Below is a picture of one of the first little cakettes I made that was featured in "Eats and Treats" in Nacogdoches, Texas. I am still playing around with how to display them. The one below is on a little cake stand and the one pictured above is on a paper doily. What do you think?

I love finding desserts in new materials and these floor scrubber buffer sponge things are just perfect. More photos of "cakettes" to come!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mind this blogspot is really great! I love to see all that you are creating!! Miss you Mind of Mind and Jode! Love the cake stand by the way.

Jode of Mind and Jode

Aligates said...

Cutest studio space ever.