Thursday, May 8, 2008

The French Are So Inspiring!

I can't help but love Sofia Coppola's take on Marie Antoinette. The movie is so delicious and every scene is a treat for the eyes. I am attracted to the feathers, shoes, wigs, gowns, make-up, and of course confectionaries in the film. The stacks of cakes and cookies are absolutely gorgeous. And how perfect that this noted Queen surrounded herself with with the most beautiful sweets France had to offer. Maybe she did this in real life, maybe not, but the point is she had comfort in pretty things. And who can blame her? This particular movie gets me excited about things that are fluffy and pink and pastel and french and for that, I thank you Miss Coppola.

I should also note that I have an obsession with all things French at the moment. I think the language is beautiful, the eatery delicate, and the macaroons delightful. I have taken it upon myself to learn the language as I am working in the studio. I have decided that France is a point of interest after graduate school, whether it be a small inspiring holiday, an artist residency perhaps, or something else- I don't know. But one thing is for sure, I must see Versailles.

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conflictedthimble said...

oh, that movie left me so inspired!!! the story itself was bleh, but i just loved the scenery and attention to detail. also, i saved a whole bunch of old shoe boxes to make some like the ones that held her shoes - that would be a great craft night project!!!