Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So, I am working on a slide presentation about third wave feminism and my work for the Wisconsin Women Studies Conference, and I came upon this little quote from Martha Stewart, "I consider myself one of the original feminists. I'm trying to help give women back a sense of pleasure and accomplishment in their homes." I don't know if we could consider Martha one of the original feminists considering "feminists" have been around much before Martha was even born, but I like the second part of that quote. I am finding pleasure in being involved in home duties. I do not cook big home made meals too often, but I find recently that when I do I feel real nice. I hope to find that sense of accomplishment in the home soon... so much spring cleaning to be done!

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tjoyy said...

hello it would be lovely if you posted your speech - esecially interested in your references to martha stewart