Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last night was a whirl of openings! The Arizona Museum for Youth held it's opening for the exhibition Table Manners and it was packed with great artists and people from the area! The cupcakes (pictured above) and my cake got rave reviews and I think the kids really liked them too. It's a great exhibition with activities for children throughout that coincide with the artwork. If you bring your kids there they can design their own china, learn how to properly set a table, and feast their eyes on some artwork! (the cake looks small in this photo, but it's 8 feet tall!)

My professor Susan Beiner also had an opening at the Ceramic Research Center at ASU. Her work is divine! She filled a wall with these ceramic plant forms that seemed to be taking over the gallery space. Susan is on my thesis committee and I am so happy to have her involved with my educational growing. She is a fantastic lady with a lot of drive and enthusiasm. Here are some photos of her work.

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